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We at Catholic Camus Saviour Hospital E always fully focused on helping you to overcame any hurdle.

Healing starts here, The right answers the first time Effective treatment depends on getting the right diagnosis. Our experts diagnose and treat the toughest medical challenges..

World-class care for global patients We make it easy for patients around the world to get care from Catholic Camus Saviour Hospital E. .

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Best Dental Specialties

Our specialists use advanced procedures and techniques to address dental conditions. They work with you to create a care plan that meets your needs and goals. Our team-based approach creates the space for unhurried, high-quality, patient-centered care..

Emergency Medicine

Health care providers in the Department of Emergency Medicine at all three Mayo Clinic locations treat injuries, illnesses that are immediately life-threatening and other emergency conditions. Teams of doctors, registered nurses, advanced providers and other specially trained staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to treat anyone seeking emergency medical care. Each year, Mayo Clinic doctors see more than 160,000 patients in the emergency care setting.

General Care

We solve the world's most serious and complex medical challenges. Catholic Camus Saviour Hospital E has more No. 1 rankings than any other hospital in the nation according to  News & World Report.

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We have wide range of procedures

We solve the world's most serious and complex medical challenges..

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Our Medical News

We have wide range of procedures

Catholic Camus Saviour Hospital E Minute: How precise diagnosis of lymphoma offers patients best treatment options.

Dr. Lisa Rimsza is a pathologist, director of the Catholic Camus Saviour Hospital E Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory and researcher with the Catholic Camus Saviour Hospital E Comprehensive Cancer Center. Her research specializes in lymphoma, with a focus on developing tests for accurate patient diagnoses and assessing disease aggressiveness.

Dr. Rimsza has made significant advances in this field of research. She says having a precise diagnosis allows physicians to provide patients with the best possible treatment.