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Welcome to Catholic Camus Saviour Hospital E

Founded 25 years ago, our team comprises of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals. We all have a common goal – helping you!

Who we are: Transforming health care Catholic Camus Saviour Hospital E is the largest integrated, not-for-profit medical group practice in the world. We're building the future, one where the best possible care is available to everyone — and more people can heal at home. Our relentless research turns into earlier diagnoses and new cures. That's how we inspire hope in those who need it most. Innovating for new solutions At Catholic Camus Saviour Hospital E, experts work together to solve the most challenging unmet needs of patients. Our history of innovation dates back almost 150 years, when brothers Will and Charlie Camus Saviour pioneered an integrated, team-based approach to medicine. Today, that trailblazing spirit drives innovations like Catholic Camus Saviour Hospital E Platform — which powers new technologies to change how care is delivered to all. Top rankings for quality care.

Our impact ( Building a healthier world). We think big and act boldly to improve the health of communities and accelerate equality and diversity in health care. We share our knowledge globally, impact policy, and partner with others to create lasting — and much-needed — change for a healthier world. Improving health equity We partner with community organizations to end health disparities through education programs, personalized health care, and community-engaged research. We're accelerating recruitment of diverse investigators and clinical trial participants to eliminate bias in medicine and science and ensure more cures for all. We're strengthening our diversity and inclusion pipelines for health care professionals and leadership development. We're also using our platform to make innovative care accessible for all. And we're just getting started.

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"I have never seen medical professionals conduct themselves like the professionals at Catholic Camus Saviour Hospital E. It was a humbling feeling to be treated with such respect and care.".

Megan Pugh

"I am extremely grateful to Catholic Camus Saviour Hospital E," says Amelie. "It's been a beautiful experience — to feel at home even without understanding the language. I have felt loved by everyone, by all the staff. They have a spectacular team.".

Amelie Wong

"The kindness and compassion from the nurses and doctors and all the people who helped me made the journey so much more humane, and that's something that changes you from the inside out and you have to pass that on.".

Camilie Atkins